There are almost as many things to do on the Sunshine Coast as the are inlets and waterways. Some activities:

Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing and Boat Tours

There are many opportunities for kayaking on sea and lake in the area, as well as boat charters for pleasure cruises or fishing

Pender Harbour


Malaspina Water Taxi

Alpha Adventures

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks

Hiking and Bird Watching

The Sunshine Coast has many hiking trails and nature walks appropriate for all ability levels and ages.

Nature walk


Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve

Bird Watching Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Hiking


The Sunshine Coast has some of the best biking in the province, with mile after mile after country road or kilometre after kilometre of singletrack mountain biking

Mountain Biking


Sunshine Coast Trails

Sunshine Coast Mountain Biking


Fine Dining and Night Life

Sechelt Restaurants


Ruby Lake Resort

Painted Boat Resort

Westcoast Wilderness Lodge