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Park Entrance

Nestled in between big trees on the Sunshine Coast is Timberline RV Park. You will find this 7 acre hideaway with 10 serviced sites (water, sewer, 30 amp power) in the Earl’s Cove/Egmont area. Short-term stays are always welcome, however as we are open year-round, RV owners who lease on a long-term basis can choose to get away at any time. Instead of parking or storing your unit somewhere after the summer, you can now lease your own site at Timberline RV Park and enjoy nature in any season. Just a 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay and a 75 minute drive and you will be surrounded by five lakes, the ocean, two fine dining restaurants, a pub, a general store, hiking and biking trails, with fishing, kayaking and canoe options.

History of Timberline RV Park

When we starting looking for a property we knew it had to be private, quiet, and secluded, yet it had to have city water and power available. What we settled on was a 7 acre organic hobby farm, complete with a chicken coop, 2 corrals, a goat shed and a hog shed, with plenty of space and privacy. Timberline RV Park opened in the summer of 2009. We used local trades people, who did an amazing job with minimal impact to the land.Even the eco friendly septic treatment plant is from down the road (Quebec). It uses sphagnum peat moss and will even filter out phosphate. Did we mention that we share the property with local wildlife? There are birds, frogs, chipmunks, raccoons, the occasional deer family walks through, and even the odd bear leaves his calling card. Sip a glass of wine in the gazebo, listen in awe to the sound of a raven’s wings as he cuts through the air, or do some stargazing while you enjoy an evening campfire. There are benches perfectly situated to catch the sun, or you can have a picnic on the grass. Timberline RV Park is the place to get away from it all.

Rules and Regulations

Crane on Gazebo

  1. Timberline RV Park is private property. All renters and their families, guests, lessees, and all visitors are subject to the rules and regulations listed herein. Anyone who fails to abide by or abuses the park rules and regulations will be asked to leave.
  2. Any one under the age of 19 is not to stay in the park unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, unless they have prior consent of the managers.
  3. Only one RV unit is allowed per site unless pre-approved by the managers.
  4. Renters are to pay full cost of damage to the park or equipment that is caused by them, their guests, or their pets.
  5. Timberline RV Park insures its own property. It does not insure the property of its renters. Camping unit owners must carry adequate insurance on their own property.
  6. All taxes imposed by governments are added to customer accounts even if the tax is announced after the initial lease agreement is signed.
  7. The owners of Timberline RV Park do not accept liability for injury of any kind resulting from the use of the grounds and facilities of the park, nor do they accept responsibility for the damage or loss of personal property brought into the park.
  8. Pets are welcome as long as they are kept under control by the owner. Vicious or noisy pets are not permitted. Dogs must be kept on a leash and attended at all times. Pets must be inside your camping unit at night. Pets must not be allowed to chase the wildlife and are not allowed in the ponds. You must pick up after your pet.
  9. Do not feed the wildlife. Be bear aware and please respect the natural setting of the park by keeping it free from garbage and litter. All garbage should be put in plastic bags and placed in the garbage dumpster. Bottles, cans, plastic, paper and cardboard can be placed in the recycling bin provided. Garbage other than household garbage is NOT to be disposed of in the garbage dumpster, but removed from the park by you.
  10. Fires are only allowed in the firepit – no exceptions. Fire must be attended at all times when in use. No fires will be allowed if there is a fire ban.
  11. The cutting and/or mutilating of trees, shrubs or branches (dead or alive) is strictly prohibited. Renters are not permitted to operate chain saws. Digging or removal of dirt, plants or trees is not permitted under any circumstances.
  12. Firearms, including paintball guns and air rifles, are not permitted anywhere on the property.
  13. Quiet hours – please be considerate of your neighbours. Excessive noise or the use of generators is not permitted at anytime. Quiet time is from 12:00 midnight to 8:00 am.
  14. Only licensed and insured street legal motor vehicles operated by licensed drivers are permitted on the park property. Mopeds, mini-bikes, dirt bikes, ATV’s, and snowmobiles are not to be operated on the property. The maximum speed limit in the park is 5km/h. No vehicle repairs are to be carried out on the property. Maximum 2 vehicles parking per site.
  15. Landscaping or improvements to a site must have prior permission from the managers.
  16. Decks are to be constructed as temporary structures and no bigger than 8 x 12 feet maximum.
  17. Building or erecting of additions or sheds is not allowed without prior permission from the managers. Lockable storage is available on the property.
  18. Boats or utility trailers are allowed only with prior permission from the managers.
  19. Water service may periodically be turned off in winter months, depending on weather conditions. Hoses are not to be used for washing vehicles.
  20. Occasionally there may be interruptions in park water, septic, or electrical services, including WiFi. Such problems will be corrected as quickly as possible. There will be no adjustments in rental charges because of such interruptions.
  21. The park uses an ecologically sensitive septic system. Toilet paper is permitted, but please do not put any foreign objects such as paper towels or tampons into the system. RV’s, please do not use chemicals in your tanks, as it kills the good bacteria in our septic system. Wastewater including grey water must be disposed of in the approved septic outlet and never poured out on the ground.
  22. Owners who sell their RV unit are considered to have terminated their lease agreement and must provide the purchaser’s contact information to the managers if the unit is staying on the property. New purchasers who wish to keep their RV unit on the property must sign a lease agreement with Timberline RV Park.
  23. These rules and regulations are subject to change at the management’s discretion.
  24. The management has the right to ask anyone to leave the property, or to refuse them service. The gazebo, benches, and fire pit are for the use of renters and their guests only. Please enjoy them responsibly.

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